Sunday, 7 October 2012


Stadhuys in Malacca

The Stadhuys which means the municipal town hall was built by Dutch on the ruins of a Portuguese fort during the 1650's after having taken over from the Portuguese in 1641. It was built in 4 stories on a terrace of St. Paul's hill. It had been Governor' residence until as early as 18th century. It also function as the Dutch Administrative Center until 1824. The Stadhuys continue to be the State Governing Center until the end of 1979. The original colour of this building was WHITE. It was changed to red during 1820's and then known as the 'The Red Building'untill today. The Dutch ruled Malacca from 1641 to 1795. In 1982, the Stadhuys was converted into a history museum also known as state museum. Visitors can have the experience to see the strange components and antiques found during various renovation to the Stadhuys. As for me, it is an interesting and suitable place those who love to take photo because it will give you a big satisfaction with it's beautiful building and environment.

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